Volunteers' Help

We Sponsor Volunteers

Financial Help for Volunteers.

„Volunteers’ Help“ honors those who are the backbone of society and who work with passion to help across the world: the volunteers.

Volunteers who help people in need anywhere in the world, will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs. We make it possible for anyone older than 18 years, pupils, students, employee or retired to travel and volunteer anywhere in the world.

„Volunteers’ Help“ is a private non-profit, non-government, non-commercial, non-political orientated, no religious affiliation and undependable global initiative founded by Dr. Martin Spaetig and Marc van der Meer in 2017. We are based in Dortmund (Germany) and Bern (Switzerland).

We offer companies possibilities to support humanitarian volunteering projects in the whole world, Corporate-Social-Responsibility and Corporate Volunteering programs. We recruit volunteers for Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGO’s), non-profits and organizations.

Our global initiative will open eyes, bring cultures and religions together, to increase mutual understanding.

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