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Since May 2017 we have sponsored volunteers of more different European countries. They were traveling all over the world to help others and we’re extremely proud that we were able to help these volunteers financially. Also because we collected the money from privat persons, without producing any cost related announcements or advertising. It shows that we do it slow but good.

The following persons were sponsored:

  • Yoëlla Millarson from the Netherlands volunteered in Costa Rica (2019)
  • Frank Pullen from the Netherlands volunteered in the Philippnes (2017)
  • Marja Wildschut from the Netherlands volunteered at Santa Martha Foundation in Lima, Peru, (2018)
  • Jakob Peters from Germany volunteered in Serbia (2017)
  • Briac Barthes from France, volunteered in Tanzania (2017)
  • Christel Barthes from France volunteered in India (2018)