We Help the Helpers.

Volunteering for Volunteers’ Help

A lot of stuff has to be done.

Passion, that’ s the keyword. We work in our free-time with a smile. Unfortunately time is rare. That’s why we ask people to support us. As volunteer. The more volunteers esp. experts join, the faster we grow, the less work it will be. Our approach is not to work with pressure. You have enough during your daily job. So don’t be afraid that volunteering for us will ask too much of you. Meanwhile we have more than 30 volunteers, all passionated and doing the things they like to. Nothing else.

While you are volunteering for us, you will get in touch with other students, trainees, managers, seniors, managing directors, decision-makers, retired and discuss and work out plans. This is will increase your personal contacts and also your business network.

We offer you to jump in and helping out an unique initiative with a huge social impact globally. Sounds cool, right? It’s up to you.

If you decided to help us with your passion in your free-time, please check if the following offers your requirements:

  • Marketing: brand strategy, digital campaigning, social media: analyses, community and response management), SEO & SEA,
  • Acquisitions: talks, workshops, fundraising,
  • Media: planning, purchase, publication,
  • Creation: design, art, copy,
  • Production: tv, radio, digital, print,
  • IT: development, administration,
  • Events e.g. organizing charity bike tours and music concerts,
  • Human Relations: selecting volunteers, support volunteers before, during and after their service,
  • Organization: project-management, quality management, back-office,
  • Legal & Finance: controlling, accounting, contracting, compliance, mergers & acquisitions,

If you don’t find what you are looking for, get in touch with us and write how you want to commit yourself within your available timeframe. Inform us about your talents and what you like to do. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Tip: Did you know that beside of volunteering will give you the feeling of doing something good it will upgrade your CV also. Lots of employers have an eye on this.