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Volunteering for Volunteers’ Help

A lot of stuff has to be done.

Passion, that’ s the keyword. We work in our free-time with a smile. Nevertheless this means, the available time is rare. That’s the reason we ask many people to support us. As volunteer. The more volunteers esp. experts join, the less work it will be.

The good thing is that while you are volunteering for us, you get in touch with students, trainees, managers, seniors, decision-makers and will increase your personal and business network. Sounds cool, right?

We are interested in people, in all kind of career level, who want to help us getting the things done e.g.

  • Organization: project-management, quality management, back-office
  • Legal & Finance: controlling, accounting, contracting, compliance, mergers & acquisitions
  • Marketing: brand strategy, digital campaigning, social media: analyses, community and response management), SEO & SEA,
  • Media: planning, purchase, publication
  • Creation: design, art, copy
  • Sponsoring/Sales: Crowdfunding
  • Production: tv, radio, digital, print
  • IT: development, administration
  • Co-operations
  • Events: talks, speeches
  • Human Relations

If you’re interested helping us on voluntary bases, just get in touch with us. Please write how you want to help within your available timeframe, what talents you have and what you like to do. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Tip: Please note that we recommend to write your voluntary for “Volunteer’s Help” into your CV as social skill. It will upgrade your CV and lots of employers have an eye on this.


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