We Help the Helpers.

Santa Martha Foundation invites volunteers of all nationalities to come to Lima in Peru.

Santa Martha Foundation

The experience you will have, will make a difference not only to the children’s lives, but also to yours. Get involved with their labor and help them to take care of and teach our children.

Santa Martha Foundation is a nonprofit institution dedicated to protect the children at risk in Peru. They offer shelter, education, moral and spiritual support to children in poverty through programs focused on giving them a better quality of life. Boys and girls from the poorest areas can come to Santa Martha. Once under their care, they receive an education grounded in Christian values and sound moral principles. They encourage their children to attend university or religious studies upon leaving their care.

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  • Minimum duration: 1 month,
  • We welcome volunteers who want to support us for longer.
Volunteer Requirements

According to the principles and objectives of the Santa Martha Foundation, we are looking for a male and female volunteers:

  • At least 18 years old,
  • Physical resilience,
  • Team player,
  • English or Spanish language skills,
  • With high ethical, moral and spiritual values,
  • Unselfish, honest and sincere,
  • Optimistic, friendly and helpful,
  • With a high sense of responsibility and performance,
  • Creative, proactive and with initiative,
  • With the ability to adapt to a different culture and different customs, such as the rules of the Casa.
  • With qualities or talents that can be shared,
  • Willing to give more of what is required and expected of,
  • With the ability to manage conflict situations and resolve them,
  • Willing to make and receive constructive criticism and positive suggestions,
  • With a positive attitude for the Integral Family Center (good mood, availability, friendliness, willing to dialogue, etc.).
  • On request we require a police clearance certificate,
  • A healthcare assurance,
  • A valid passport.
Workplace and activities

All volunteer develop a personal work plan in which they will determine the scope of where and what they want to contribute, in accordance with their abilities and knowledge. Typical activities are:

  • serving breakfast to the children,
  • bring them to and pick them up from school,
  • support in bakery, cooking, sewing and computing workshops,
  • participate in recreational activities with the children.

For more details please download the Santa Martha Foundation volunteer_handbook.


If you are interested to volunteer for Santa Martha Foundation, please send your application to application@volunteershelp.org, including:

  • your extended motivation why you want to volunteer for this project, which gives us a good impression of yourselves. Videos and pictures are not mandatory but will certainly help.
  • your extended CV including picture of yourself,
  • when you are available to start to support project,
  • how much time you want to volunteer,

In case you have questions, please send us an email:

Please be aware of the fact that the selected volunteers permit Volunteers’ Help and Santa Martha Foundation to publish his or her name, pictures and videos.

  • Santa Martha Foundation doesn’t require any participation costs from the volunteer.
  • Volunteers’ Help will reimburse the volunteer’s travel- and accommodation costs.



Santa Martha Foundation

“Volunteers‘ Help” is a non-profit-making, non-commercial, not religious orientated and undependable initiative, which sponsors volunteers from all over the world.
Volunteers who help people in need, will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs. We make it possible for anyone older than 18 years, pupils, students, employee or retired to travel and volunteer across in the world.