We Help the Helpers.

Moving Slowly but Steady.

Since the idea in May 2016 came up, Dr. Martin Spaetig and Marc van der Meer have been working hard to get the initiative authorized and to setup the business model.

Our Strategy-Taskforce team with Christoph Edelman, Managing Director at mediaman Mainz, who advises Mercedes-Benz HQ at strategy level, Jochen Fritz, freelance strategy specialist, who also works close together with Christoph and indecently for Volkswagen-Bank and Randstad at Managing Board level, Anthony Horyna, Creative Director of Hakuhodo responsible for creative campaigning of Honda Germany, Adrien Caparros young entrepreneur and freelance project and account managers support Martin and Marc working out the business model in their free-time over more months now.

After being stuck for one year in the jungle of German bureaucracy, we’re now investigating the founding of “Volunteers’ Help” in Switzerland, USA and The Netherlands.

Despite of this throwback, we have meanwhile started crowdfundings, co-operations with companies, organizations and NGO’s and started as proof of concept a pilot-project.