We Help the Helpers.

Give a Little Bit.

“Volunteers‘ Help” is a non-profit-making, non-commercial, not religious orientated and undependable initiative, which sponsors volunteers from all over the world.

Volunteers who help people in need anywhere in the world, will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs. We make it possible for anyone older than 18 years, pupils, students, employee or retired to travel and volunteer anywhere in the world.

For example if volunteers want to help the homeless in Sydney or repairing bikes for the poor in Kenya or help litte orphans in Peru or helping rebuilding houses in Nepal, we want to sponsor them.

If you are interested in traveling around the world to help other people, please apply for a sponsorship. More details you find here.

If you want to sponsor “Volunteers‘ Help”, you help young people to open their eyes or give retired people a chance to fulfill their lives. You help to bring cultures and religions together and make this world a little bit better and more emphatic. Private persons, companies, everyone can sponsor an amount you prefer. Every little bit helps. More details how to sponsor you find here.

By the way, we select the volunteers ourselves and secure that your money will land in the pocket of the volunteer. 

Give a Little Bit has a wonderful message that makes people light up and I get them to sing with me. It really has a message that is very eternal and is needed even more today than it was when I wrote it when I was 19. The song is very simple but yet very powerful. It’s all about reaching out and giving and caring.”
~ Roger Hodgson (Singer-Songwriter, formerly of Supertramp)