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Since May of this year 2017 we have started a pilot-project as proof of concept. The project is initiated to sponsor volunteers, to support them by reimbursing the travel and accommodation costs while traveling all over the world to help other people in need.
The feedback we get from the volunteers before, during and after their journey is important to optimize the work-flows and communication.

6 people of different European countries did apply successfully for :
Jakob Peters (19) from Germany, Frank Pullen (23), Marja Wildschut (23), Hendrik de Kok (20) from Holland, Briac (24) and Christel Barthes (55) from France have applied for projects in South-America (Peru), Africa (Tanzania), Europe (Hungary), USA (Hawaii), Middle-East (Irak) und South-Asia (India).

Volunteer Marja Wildschut from the NetherlandsAfter doing her study in Sweden, one of the young volunteers, Marja Wildschut from the Netherlands, has decided to help other people somewhere else in the world. After doing some research herself, she  contacted the Santa Martha Foundation in Lima, Peru. 

Together they arranged a volunteership for 5 weeks till the end of November 2017 helping children and teens that have been neglected, abandoned or at physical or emotional risk. The tasks she does are very diverse; getting the children ready for school, take them to school, providing workshops for the teenagers, tutoring, and all other things that are part of the everyday life of the children.

As volunteer, Marja has paid approximately 800€ for her flight out of her own pocket. You can imagine that this a lot of money for a student and that’s the reason why she asked Volunteers’ Help to help her to find sponsors for the travel costs. Off course we do.

For that reason we kindly ask you to support Marja. If you like what Marja does, spending her free-time helping children and teens, giving them a bit more joy in life, we kindly ask you to help her by reimbursing the travel costs. Every Euro will help Marja to fulfill her mission. It’s not a drop in the ocean, because the money will directly land in Marja’s pocket.

If you are eager to learn more about Marja, about her motivation to volunteer, about tackling the challenges in daily life in Lima, you can follow her stories and experiences here.

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