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Volunteers’ Help Friends & Sponsors.


Our Friends belief in our global movement.

Many people, friends or business relations have committed to support us. These persons have given their commitment to support Volunteers’ Help with their competences on voluntary bases. Here are Volunteers’ Help Friends and work for and with us in their free-time, on voluntary bases. M:any thanks goes to

  • Christoph Edelmann, strategy and managing director at Mediaman in Mainz,
  • Jochen Fritz, interim strategy consultant from Wiesbaden,
  • Anthony Horyna, creative director at Hakuhodo in Frankfurt am Main,
  • Dipl.-Kfm. Stephan Winkler, certified public accountant from Dortmund,
  • Carmen Sönchen, dialysis nurse from Dortmund,
  • Dirk Rohr, personell board at Die Continentale from Dortmund,
  • Nadine Behnke from Dortmund,
  • Andy Eyring,
  • Anya Voronova,
  • Philipp Schäfer,
  • Natalie Partschev
  • Reinhard Thener
  • Jakob Peters
  • Denis Richard
  • Sascha Poth
  • Eugene Kobiako
  • Nina Schubert
  • Tim Roller
  • York Freiling
  • Marion den Hartog

If you want to help us with your skills and passion on voluntary bases, please check here.

Our Sponsors

Without the great help of these companies we won’t have the status we have yet:

  • mediaman, digital agency based in Mainz, Boston and Shanghai for providing us meeting spaces and catering during our workshops and their commitment to develop our donating website.
  • rent24, offering us free coworking and office spaces in e.g. Dortmund.
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