Volunteers' Help

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The Founders: Marc & Martin

Marc van der Meer – Managing Partner.

Marc van der Meer
Marc van der Meer, Founder of Volunteers’ Help

My name is Marc van der Meer, 53, Dutch, in daily business I’m freelance consultant and project manager in digital communication and live with Carmen in  Dortmund in Germany. I’m dad of 2 teens, volunteer, Ajax Amsterdam fan, I love cycling, traveling, cooking and drawing.

For two weeks, between Christmas and New Year 2015/’16, I volunteered on the beaches of the Greek island Kos and met many international volunteers who gave up their jobs or, like me, took unpaid leave while paying from their own pocket for flights and accommodation. This to be able to help other people in need.

After my return in January 2016, I took half a year sabbatical to reset my mind and to consider how I can do something good for others. In May 2016 the idea was born. Because not everyone is wiling or able to pay to volunteering as I did, I would like to help them and started the first preparations of the now founded non-profit international driven initiative „Volunteers’ Help“. As it seems to be now, the charity idea, sponsoring volunteers on global level for everyone up to 18 years and older, seems to unique.

My friend Martin and co-founder are continuously working on this project in our free-time and dealing with a lot of challenges and tasks. More details of the status of the project you find here.

Dr. Martin Spätig – Financial Partner.

Dr. Martin Spätig, Founder of Volunteers' Help
Dr. Martin Spätig, Founder of Volunteers’ Help

I’m Martin Spätig, 59, Swiss and live in the hills close to Bern. In daily business I’m Chief Financial Officer of a Swiss healthcare company, and do part-time work as a management consultant.
I’m volunteering for more local initiatives e.g. serving on the board of a non-profit organization combining social and ecological objectives.  I’m EHC Biel (ice hockey) and Boston Red Sox fan, and I cycle a lot as well. In the summer I love hiking in the Swiss mountains. With my financial and strategic know-how I’m happy to support Marc as friend and companion.

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