We Help the Helpers.

A Sign Against Time.

“Volunteers’ Help is revolutionary. We Want To Change Something”.

“Not by being radical, rude or endless discussions with politicians, but with a smart, unique idea with global impact, we want to raise our hand and give a sign against the time. With “Volunteers’ Help” we will open eyes, help lots of people and initiate a global movement”, says Marc van der Meer, known as “The Flying Dutchman”, interim digital communication consultant and founder of Volunteers’ Help.

Dr. Martin Spaetig and Marc van der Meer have started the initiative “Volunteers‘ Help” in 2017. The initiative reimburses the travel and accommodation costs of volunteers and sponsors those people who want to help people in need in other countries. The idea is simple, the impact is high. Why? By giving everyone older than 18 years, the possibility to travel and to help, even at the other side of the world, the mutual understanding of cultures and religions will raise and will open eyes of every individual. Time and take care of others are the investments, not money. With “Volunteers‘ Help” we build new roads.

Our mission is called “Future Homeland”.

The initiators and founders of the non-profit initiative “Volunteers‘ Help” ambition is to make this world a litte bit better and offer everyone a place with the basic needs of life. A place where people can grow up safely and have shelter. A place where you feel at home, where people develop theirselves and are able to take care of each other. “For that reason our mission is called Future Homeland, because to reach that goal, we re just at the start ”, says founder Marc van der Meer.

“From our point of view the society and the profit orientated system we live in, will collapse within the next era. Based on the thought, “much-more-most, quick-quicker- quickest”, we are worried about how things are moving around us in our daily live and worried about this world will be hand over to our next generation. With “Volunteers‘ Help” we want to make a statement and want to reset the view on those common things in our society, which are, for any kind of reason, accepted.”

Marc van der Meer’s companion Dr. Martin Spaetig, in daily business financial chief in the Swiss healthcare sector, confirms: “We all see what’s happening on local and global level and it seems that no one is reacting or knows an answer how to solve. Politicians are caught in the spider web of mutual interests and fight for their own welfare. On the other hand, sections of population don’t have the understanding of other religions and cultures and try to establish their selves by violence, war and terror attacks. It seems that political leaders are not able to solve these problems. That is what’s making us nervous.”

“By reimbursing the travel costs, we offer people the possibility to travel and help other people in need, wherever they are. Our approach is going to mix the cultures and religions and that is in our opinion, what the society needs. “Volunteers’ Help” will contribute to a world with more understanding for each other and hopefully less violence”, says communication expert and founder Marc van der Meer.

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