We Help the Helpers.

Everyone can Volunteer.

The golden rule for helping others is that you are healthy and psychical stabil yourself.

You have some free-time and want to do something good? Or you always wanted to help others but you didn‘t have the money for that? Or you want to make a change in life? Or you always wanted to fly to other countries?

That sounds good. Here’s your chance. Pupils, students, employers, employees, retired, … from 18 till 80 can apply for a volunteer sponsorship.

I want to apply for sponsorship. How does it work?

First do some research how and where you want to volunteer. Prepare your documents as listed below and as soon the application for the next wave has been opened, you send us your application.

As soon we have collected enough money to sponsor volunteers we will open the application for the next wave. Tip: keep an eye on our Facebook page. All announcements will be done here.

Your application as volunteer should contain the following:

  • your contact data,
    (we need your first and last name, address, country, telephone, age, place and date of birth and email)
  • your CV,
    (this should show the education and jobs you did in the past. We need this also of pupils or retired person. Please list your volunteer commitments as well.
    We clearly underline that, even when you have never been volunteering before, it will not reduce the chance of sponsorship)
  • your motivation why you want us to sponsor,
    (this is the most relevant part of your application. Take your time for this. If possible add pictures, videos (links), articles whatever you think is needed to convince us)
  • the project you want to volunteer for,
    (there are lots of platforms in web and organizations who offer volunteering projects. Take your time as well, to do some research and find out what kind of project fits to you)
  • the country you want to travel to,
    (which country or countries are you going to visit while you are volunteering?)
  • the organization (NGO) or person in trust you are going to volunteer for,
    (we need name, address, email and telephone number of the organization or person in trust. Why we need that? In case the NGO or contact person is not known to us, we have to verify the legibility.
  • the period of time you are going volunteer,
  • (how long will you volunteer?)
  • an estimation of travel and accommodation cost.
    (give us a good impression of the costs e.g. flight to Nepal and how money nights you stay in your hostel.)

Please be sure that these requirements must be full-filled. If one of these points is missing, your application can’t not be accepted.

Our team will check your application. After we made the selection of volunteers, we will answer in person. Please keep in mind this could take a while, because we are volunteers and do this in our free-time as well.


The only restrictions are: you‘ve to be 18 years or older, feel healthy and psychical stabil enough to help others. That’s it.

You want to apply?

At the moment the application for our first wave is closed. The sponsoring money we have collected, is assigned to the volunteers who are part of our pilot-project.

Next wave.

As soon we’ve collected enough money again, we will open the application for the next wave. So please stay in touch and follow us on Facebook for new announcements.