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The Africa GreenTec AG is a social business. This means, among other things, that the impact is the goal and the focus at our company, rather than capital gain maximization.
Africa GreenTec produces, develops and delivers the Solartainer into rural areas of Africa. The Solartainer is a mobile solar system, which can be built up within a day, with enough power to replace diesel generators and power up to about 3,000 people. Further applications, such as water sanitation, internet connections via satellite and, for example, cooling containers, can now be connected to the Solartainer. This leads to massive development potentials and represents a massive opportunity for our customers to achieve better living conditions.
Currently, Africa GreenTec is primarily active in Mali and Niger. One Solartainer is already active in Mali, while in Niger a container has recently been set up.


For a trip with our team to Africa, a stay in Hainburg near Frankfurt am Main in Germany is necessary, as it is important to become familiar with the Solartainer and our team.

The time spent in Germany is important to get to know each other and to assess as to what tasks and jobs the volunteer is most suitable to do. Further, spending time at our headquarters is necessary to receive some training for the job in Africa at a later stage. Currently, operations are planned in Mali and Niger. It is also possible to volunteer only in Hainburg without a subsequent trip to Africa. This variant may be interesting to some volunteers, as the African regions in which Africa GreenTec operates might be risky. 

  • Minimum duration: 3 months.
  • In a period of 3 months: exclusive stay in Hainburg.
  • For a stay of 6 months, the volunteer may travel to Africa with our team.
  • The setup process of a Solartainer in Africa currently takes about two weeks. The volunteer may participate in two or three projects in succession. This depends strongly on the planning of Africa GreenTec.
  • We welcome volunteers who want to support us for longer. It should be noted, that there probably will be breaks in between the projects, which can be spent in Hainburg.
Areas of Practice
  • Setup and dismantling of the Solartainer
  • Unloading the Solartainer
  • Working with the freight load off system
  • Setting up the modules
  • Pull out the arms
  • General assistance of our team during assembly and dismantling processes (preparing tools, assembling screws and mounting parts, etc.)
  • Installing and removing the battery-system
  • Set up of the roof frame, holding more solar panels
  • In individual cases, tasks can be carried out independently (in Africa)
  • Rudimentary system set ups. IT knowledge and a volunteership duration of more than 3 months are necessary.
  • Administrative jobs at the Africa GreenTec office, if necessary

Volunteer Requirements
  • At least 18 years old
  • Graduation from school, qualifications depending of volunteer’s country of origin
  • Advanced English and / or German language skills
  • Physical resilience (heavy lifting, heat in Africa)
  • Team player
  • Personal connection to the country of Africa (interest, relatives, fascination)
  • Enthusiasm for social and environmental issues
  • Language skills: Compulsory are German OR English. French is of course advantageous for communicating from Hainburg to Africa, but especially in Africa.
  • On request we require a police clearance certificate
  • A healthcare assurance
  • A valid passport and visa


  • Technically gifted
  • Previous knowledge electronics
  • IT knowledge

Hainburg itself offers very little, this is why we suggest to arrange an accommodation in either Darmstadt or Frankfurt am Main. We can help with the search for accommodation, because we do not have any accommodation available.


If you are interested to volunteer for the innovative social company Africa GreenTec, please send your application to application@volunteershelp.org, including:

  • your extended motivation why you want to volunteer for this project, which gives us a good impression of yourselves. Videos and pictures is not mandatory but will certainly help.
  • your extended CV including picture of yourself,
  • when you are available to start to support project,
  • how much time you want to volunteer on weekly basis,
  • the period of time available in Germany, or in case you want to extend your voluntary in Africa, the period of time in Africa as well.

In case you have questions, please send us an email:

Please be aware of the fact that the selected volunteers permit Volunteers’ Help and Africa GreenTec to publish his or her name, pictures and videos in publications.


Africa GreenTec doesn’t require any participation costs from the volunteer.
Volunteers’ Help will reimburse the volunteer’s travel- and accommodation costs.





“Volunteers‘ Help” is a non-profit-making, non-commercial, not religious orientated and undependable initiative, which sponsors volunteers from all over the world.
Volunteers who help people in need, will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs. We make it possible for anyone older than 18 years, pupils, students, employee or retired to travel and volunteer across in the world.
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